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Geoff Woods from MenteePodcast.com and I have a great conversation about the impact of emotional health on sales. [click to continue…]


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A fellow coach asked me if the amount of personal detail and struggle I share about in my podcast turns prospective clients away from wanting to work with me.

I suppose that’s a definite possibility and a risk. And I knew that starting out. Handling the show and my own personal healing so openly was a conscious decision from the beginning and I have a couple specific reasons why I did so.

First, if I’m having these struggles they are affecting me and the results I get in my business whether I acknowledge them or not.

Second, and most importantly, the same thing is true for you and whatever struggles you have in your life and business. My hope is that you can learn from my mistakes and take encouragement and inspiration into your own healing journey.

If I can be of service along the way, that’s all I want :)

All that said, I do think this is a really interesting conversation and a completely fair question.

So, let me know what you think?


I grew up around a lot of sarcasm and had always assumed it was harmless fun and a way to be funny. Later learned that it was really more mocking contempt that was covering over significant anger and social awkwardness. I picked up the torch and it took decades to realize that it was even happening and to begin to heal the underlying emotional issues. [click to continue…]


A simply amazing conversation with Wes Chapman. Wes is co-founder of A Human Project, co-host of The Human Podcast, and host of Super Human Life Podcast. [click to continue…]


A bonus episode co-hosted with Dena Breslin (MyAhaMind.com).

We got on a role during our self-talk series and decided we had a little more to get to.

In this final episode of the series we talk about connecting with your inner truth.


Dena Breslin (MyAhaMind.com) and I wrap up our conversation about Self-Talk and what do to with it.

Once you’ve identified your relationship with the voice in your head, how do you get it on your side?


In this interview with Faydra Koenig, America’s Crisis Coach, we talk about the role crisis can play in our lives.

Strength comes from struggle, but can we learn the right lessons that will serve as our springboard to success and happiness in our lives?

Just because you like cheese, doesn’t mean you’re a rat. But that’s the logic we can apply subconsciously. If we never take the opportunity to go back and revisit our beliefs and habits, we’ll keep getting the same results we’ve always gotten. But if we do, we can identify what’s holding us back and thrive!

You can connect with Faydra at DoingLifeWithFaydra.com

Also on social media at:


As I’ve been entering into the process of interviewing potential coaches to work with as I start the next phase of my personal development and growth, the contrast between healing and thriving really smacked me in the face this week. It’s so amazing to be seeing the benefits of the healing coming to fruition in my life in such amazing ways.

If you’re still not there, but are ready to start the journey, let’s connect and see if I can help you get started on the path.


We all have that inner voice constantly whispering, sometimes yelling, advice to us inside our heads.

But what’s our relationship to that inner voice? What’s it really trying to say to us?

Dena Breslin (MyAhaMind.com) and I provide some tips and guidance on how to better understand and manage that inner voice that’s always trying to help you.


Hard work is kind of the go-to answer for success. Even if we know hard work is only a piece of the pie, it’s easy to think it’s the biggest or most important piece. But is it? [click to continue…]