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How do I forgive myself? Why am I so upset? Why am I doing this to myself?

I loved this interview with Catherine Hummel (Catherine-Hummel.com) and in following her since our chat I’ve learned even more about love.

We start our conversation by talking about how we don’t even always remember some of the reasons we forget how to love ourselves. Have you ever forgotten why you were mad at someone? It’s pretty much the same thing, but we’re still stuck living with the consequences.

But the good news is that it’s not too late. Forgiveness is always available and you can always forgive yourself. You just have to choose to.

If you want to connect with Catherine – and I highly recommend you do – you can find her online in the following places:

You can find the audio recording of our interview, as well as the show notes and a link to the video, on the episode page at bebuildhave.com/107.


I used to think there was nothing worse than the frustration of not getting the results that I wanted in my life – than putting the work in and doing my best and still falling short. [click to continue…]


Today I ask you to ask yourself the simple question, “Who would I have to be to live the life I want?”

There’s a lot of power in the answer to that question because it can become the map for you to becoming that person and living that life.

Join me. Will you?


This interview with Brendan Hufford of Entrepreneurs and Coffee (EntrepreneursAndCoffee.com) is one of the best I’ve done. We have a great conversation about the challenges and struggles entrepreneurs face as they grow and challenge themselves personally. [click to continue…]


Amazing questions from my community for this Q&A episode of BeBuildHave.

1. Do coaches need coaches.

2. What can I do about my feeling that there’s never enough money.

3. How can I love myself?

I love these questions and spend about 20 minutes answering. Let me know what you think.


We’ve all heard about the power of visualization with respect to peak performance training and even in business, frequently with respect to sales.

But mental rehearsal can also be working against us.

How are you using mental rehearsal, even unintentionally, in your business?


It’s so easy to look at someone from the outside and think, “Of course it’s easy for you. You’ve got it all figured out.”

So easy in fact, that I think I even feel for it a bit coming into this interview. But once again, I was connected with exactly the right person at exactly the right moment.

I think my big take away from this interview is that true strength comes from perspective and positioning.

Thanks to my amazing guest, Ray Higdon (RayHigdon.com) for spending this time with me and helping me to prove once again that success, happiness, and fulfillment are a mindset that is available to each and every one of us and not a destination for a select few.


100 episodes feels like a major milestone even though it doesn’t really match up with any major anniversaries. Regardless, I have a lot to celebrate.

In addition to hitting episode 100 this week, I also experienced a major mindset breakthrough in my own personal development that I think you will find helpful in your own lives and businesses.

In this episode I talk about how my mindset polarity changed from fundamentally negative to fundamentally positive and the impact that has already had on my life, relationships, and my business.


How do you get what you want from your life and from your business?

Heck, how do you even figure out what you want?

Here’s another fun fun collaboration video between Jade Inspiration (@JadeInspiration) and I.


Your emotional health impacts every area of your life, including your business results and financial health.

Are you attracting the money you want into your life? Are you managing your finances effectively?

Amanda Abella (AmandaAbella.com) and I have a great conversation about her personal emotional growth and healing and how she got to where she is today. [click to continue…]