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I almost didn’t put out an episode today because I was really struggling with some intense self-loathing, shame, and anxiety. But I may finally have pushed myself to the limit and got to where I needed to be to finally let go of some of my deepest pain. Value, choice, and desire are what I walk away with today. Listen in and see if anything rings true for you.


We discuss Ellory’s “overnight success”, which is really a euphemism for the pay-off that finally comes after a lot of really hard work.

Ellory talks about his transition from employment to entrepreneurship and connects the dots on some issues from his past that may have affected him more than he’d previously realized.

However he got here, I’m glad he’s made it. I love Ellory’s content and you should definitely check it out, too!

Here are some great quotes from Ellory that came out of our conversation.

“We’re afraid of being judged as unworthy to be at the table, but nobody’s worthy to be at the table. Let’s create our own table!”

“Nobody admires someone for doing nothing.”

“All you have to do is be a step or two ahead to provide leadership. You don’t need to have all the answers.”

“If you can be your truest self, the way you feel really alive, and translate that into your business.. that’s when the magic is going to happen.”

“When you get to be yourself, and also get to be around people who share your passions and interests, it’s kind of magical.”

At about 37:30 I ask Ellory about his experience being bullied and if he saw a connection between the lessons he learned from that and the emotion and feelings he had when he was unhappy in his job. His answer started with, “I wish I could say yes. Because if I could make a clear line that A causes B then we could fix that.”

He then went on to make a pretty darn strong argument for exactly that straight line, which is the entire premise of this series.

At 42:30 he makes a pretty significant connection for himself and says, “I had never spent a lot of time thinking about it, but now that we’re talking through it the situations are extremely similar.”

By 43:50 even he is pretty blown away by the turn the conversation has taken.

This is a conclusion I see a lot of my coaching clients come to. We can’t escape the lessons of our past unless and until we face them.

Listen to hear Ellory tell his own story and if anything rings true for you, let me know.

Are you ready to let go?

You can find Ellory at:



In this episode I address a listeners questions about how long it takes to change things we don’t like about ourselves and how to uncover the source of these behaviors.


A quick and easy read, but with a lot of impact. You should definitely check out today’s book recommendation (don’t worry it’s an easy read).

http://amzn.to/159Amis (Affiliate Link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you any extra to support the show ;)


This is my first episode of the Pain to Profits interview series and I’m starting off with the first interview I recorded. I loved connecting with Jade and hope that you get as much out of our conversation as I did.

(The audio is a little choppier than I’d expected. I’ve upgrade my audio and video recording capabilities over these first few interviews, so please bear with me. :-)

You can find Jade’s website at jadeinspiration.com.

Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Listen to the Right on Baby Podcast – The Inner Growth Show on iTunes.

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A topic that has been popping up for me a lot this week is around the idea of finding and working with good mentors and coaches that can help you quickly ramp up in the skill areas you most need to be successful. To me, none is more important than good emotional health and relationship skills.


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If we go through life unconsciously applying the habits and patterns of our past we’ll get what we’ve always gotten. This is the means for unconsciously manifesting what we don’t want.