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Just a fireside chat of sorts on the podcast today. I just wanted to let my audience know how the show is doing and what’s been going on in my life, so I spend about 12 minutes just giving a heart felt update and connecting with my audience.

Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear from you if you like the show.



The idea of competing motivations has really been on my mind lately. Feeling simultaneously like I want something and I don’t want something. Feeling bad about good news. Feelings that appear to contradict each other. Without awareness this very common situation can lead to frustration or even disaster. I’ll share a couple examples from my own life and encourage you to look closer at areas where you may be feeling this same kind of ambivalence.


The main thing I took away from this interview with Brett Gajda, host of Where There’s Smoke (http://WhereTheresSmoke.co), was that joy comes from fully expressing yourself.

www.wheretheressmoke.co [click to continue…]


Here’s the conclusion of this series of podcasts on Inner Child Healing, which I recorded with Jade Inspiration.

Inner Child Healing might help you if you have experienced emotionally traumatic events like bullying, abuse, parental divorce or substance abuse, or the like.

If you find that depression, anxiety, fear, anger are holding you back in your career or your life, or if you keep running into limiting beliefs or self-protective behaviors that aren’t serving your goals and desires, you need to check out this series.


I continue my series on Inner Child Healing with Jade Inspiration in this episode. Many times people don’t have (or don’t remember or don’t recognize the impact of) emotional trauma on their present experience. Does that mean we don’t have to worry about it? What if we’re still struggling, how do we deal with those situations? Jade and I answer these questions.


Katherine and I have a great conversation about how unhealed emotional trauma and negative emotional energy from our past affects our present. If events and situations in our present are triggering us and causing us to reactivate and utilize that negative energy old habits, beliefs, and behaviors from our past we need to first recognize the impact that’s having on our results today and then do the work to heal the trauma and let go of all that negative emotion and energy.


Jade Inspiration of The Right On Baby Podcast and I talk about Valentines Day and love; loving yourself and loving others.


In a follow up to the previous episode where Jade Inspiration, host of Right On Baby: The Inner Growth Show, and I co-host and talk about Inner Child Healing (http://bebuildhave.com/86), we get together again and discuss how events from our childhoods shape the rest of our lives.

It’s as children that we learn how to use all the tools in our emotional toolbox and develop our styles of relating and beliefs and behaviors.

It may not even be possible to overstate how big a role our childhood experiences play in shaping our lives.


Mike co-hosts this awesome episode with Jade Inspiration of Right On Baby: The Inner Growth Show (jadeinspiration.com).

We chat about inner-child healing. What it is. Who it might be for.

Check out this fun and informative conversation.


My interview with the amazing Maritza Parra. I was so excited (and a little nervous) to do this interview, but I think we had a great conversation.

Connect with Martiza at maritzaparra.com/30days. [click to continue…]