7 Tips for Business Owners to Close More Sales and Make More Money - Even if You Don't Like Selling

I'll share my 7 best sales tips from almost 20 years as a service business owner who never wanted to sound salesy, pushy, or manipulative.

Instant access to the tips that have helped me (and my clients) close more sales and make more money. Here's just a sample of what's included in this FREE video:

  • Handling stalls and objections: Comfortable and nurturing approaches to keep the conversation moving forward.
  • Keep control of the process: Helpful and valuable techniques to help you stay on track.
  • Pulling unresponsive prospects back in: The best technique I know to find out if there's any life left in an opportunity.
  • What not to do: The biggest mistake you could be making that's killing your chance at a sale.
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Jim Butler Jim Butler, HJ3

I’ve paid a lot of money and worked with a lot of coaches. Mike is one of the best.

Don Victor Don Victor, Academy of Composition

Call Mike!

After one phone call with Mike my mind got so much clearer, which made my actions much more powerful.

Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our thoughts and spot the gaps.

Rick Tashman Rick Tashman, PhillyComm, Inc.

Thanks to Mike I have the strategic methods and specific things to do to make the changes I want. I feel like I have the action items and a plan of attack that I can work on that is within my scope of resources.

Mike helped me see and understand the pattern I’ve been experiencing. He helped me observe something that was a limiting belief that has been impacting my daily actions.

Moving forward I expect greater happiness, less anxiety, and greater wealth in terms of relationships and money as a result of this coaching.

Mike, you totally shocked the shit out of me! Thanks for making this such a great experience.

Shiv Cook Shiv Cook, One Woman Revolution

Thanks to Mike I can see the package and the value and I can put all the pieces together. Everything is coming into alignment and now I’m running on all cylinders.

I had to get really uncomfortable to face the facts that I’d been avoiding. I knew more was possible, but I hadn’t been able to quantify it and define what it was. Mike helped probe for the question that I didn’t want to answer, but that needed to be answered to move forward.

Mike provided the spark, I already had the kindling, and now there’s a fire.

Coaching may not answer every question for you, but it will answer the next question.

Ty Walker Ty Walker, Computrex

I loved the experience. Mike was positive and supportive. He provided actionable insight and actionable steps on how I could improve myself and be successful.

Most valuable thing I received was guidance to come up with a clear and concise message. Mike made me feel more confident about overcoming obstacles and capable at my job.

The process was incredibly convenient and so easy to schedule.

You really helped me reconcile what I already knew with where I’m trying to go so that I could make sense of how to get there.

You’re awesome!

Tae Seangpeoam Tae Seangpeoam, NeztecSolutions

Mike has a great coaching technique and is very patient in working with clients.

Mike is very good at asking the right questions to get to the core of the issue. He really helped me see what my own challenge was and what I needed to look at to move forward in my business.

Barbara Romano Barbara Romano, Biscuits by Barbara

Mike eased a lot of the questions I had about how to make sense of my business and how to approach getting my product in the hands of those who will appreciate what I’m doing.

Mike has given me a lot of insight and a boost in confidence in how to do things.

I don’t think I can fully explain how valuable the insight is that I received in just 1 hour together. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience.

Chuck Eustace Chuck Eustace, Graphic Designer

I was all over the place, I had 20 different things I was trying to focus on and do at the same time. Mike helped me focus and streamline.

Mike Sutton is the guy to go to.

You're the man, Mike!

Meet the Coach

Mike Sutton

If you're looking for faster growth, more control of your time and money, and a clear strategy to move your business forward in a big way, you've come to the right place. I'm a career small business owner and professional coach.

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